Android : Virtual Drive Test

It’s a prototype that represents some abstract features of a virtual drive test. So this android application allows to discover the test of some measures like letting you to know which base transceiver station you are connected to . In addition to that , it can get some keys performance indicators related to the generation you are connecting in (2G , 3G and 4G) .

Drive testing is a method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity and Quality of Service (QoS) of a mobile radio network.
The technique consists of using a motor vehicle containing mobile radio network air interface measurement equipment that can detect and record a wide variety of the physical and virtual parameters of mobile cellular service in a given geographical area.
By measuring what a wireless network subscriber would experience in any specific area, wireless carriers can make directed changes to their networks that provide better coverage and service to their customers.
Drive testing requires a mobile vehicle outfitted with drive testing measurement equipment. The equipment are usually highly specialized electronic devices that interface to OEM mobile handsets. This ensures measurements are realistic and comparable to actual user experiences.



This tutorial requires that you master :

  1. JAVA
  2. OOP (oriented object programming)
  3. Android
  4. xml and web service


This mini app allow you measure :

  • Signal intensity .
  • Cell information and neighbors (PCI,RSRP,RSRQ,RSSNR,TAC,LAC,Cell id).
  • Debit (cumulative and instantaneous).
  • Signal quality.
  • Sim card information (state).
  • Software information (IMEI).
  • Base station transceiver (GPS coordinates , power received).

Used APIs

TelephonyManager :

  • Provides access to information about telephone services on the peripheral. Applications can use the methods of this class to determine the services and telephony states.
  • access certain types subscriber information. The applications can also register a listener to receive notification of state changes telephony.


  • OpenCellID is a collaborative project to create a free global cell ID database and their corresponding location area identity
  • The OpenCellID project was primarily created to serve as
  • data source for GSM localization in areas without satellite coverage. As of June 21, 2014, the database contained 5.6 million unique cells and 870 million measurements.

Goople map api: An online mapping service that will allow us to locate the transmission base and devices.

Compatible version

minSdkVersion 21 (lollipop)
targetSdkVersion 25

The OppenCellId restrict the count number of requesting endpoints , so for inlimitted , OpenCellId give you an option to download the whole data and make it localy in your app , or make it available on your own server .

Check out here the source code in github . Wanna contribute , fork the project .

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